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Our Rating System
We spent months creating our new rating system, and we think it encompasses everything you need to know about any coach from any sport. We consulted dozens and dozens of coaches, players, athletic directors, parents, and other relevant people from every type of sport. We evaluated their suggestions and created these coach rating criteria:
Knowledge of the sport
How well does your coach know the sport? How much experience do they have? How good is your coach at judging talent? Do they have a good background?
How does your coach present himself/herself as a whole -- during competitions, during practice, and elsewhere? Does your coach have good sportsmanship?
Does your coach communicate well with the team? With players? With parents? With any other important people?
Individual Focus
Does your coach effectively coach you as an individual? Does your coach have a good relationship with you? Do they care about you as a person?
Team Building
Does your coach foster teamwork? Does your coach motivate your team well? Has your coach brought your team together?
Training Effectiveness
Is your coach's training effective? Does your coach focus on building skills during practice?
Competition Effectiveness
Does your coach prepare for competitions well? If applicable, does your coach make effective in-competition adjustments? Does your coach help your team learn from competitions?
What are legacy scores?
We previously used a different rating system. Legacy scores are ratings that were submitted under the old/legacy rating system. Not all pages have legacy scores.

Our rating system for personal trainers is slightly different than our rating system for team coaches:
How well does your trainer know the sport or activity you are training for? How much experience do they have? Do they have a good background?
How does your trainer present himself/herself as a person? Do they have a genuine personality? Are they nice to be around?
Does your trainer communicate well with you? Are they easy to get in touch with?
Individual Focus
Does your trainer effectively train you as an individual and adapt to your individual needs? Does your trainer have a good relationship with you? Do they care about you as a person?
Does your trainer do a good job of motivating you, pushing you, and inspiring you to work your hardest?
Training Effectiveness
Is your trainer's regimen effective?
Did your trainer help you accomplish what you wanted to do? Are you happy with the results?