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Hear the real story about a coach before committing. Let others know how great your current and former coaches are.
We've been in your shoes. Some of your coaches have been great, and some could have improved in some areas. Here's a forum for you to give your good coaches recognition. This is also a place to let your coach know how he or she can improve. In addition, your input will help generations of players behind you.
The input that players behind you leave can help you when deciding a future coach. In club, college, and some high school situations, you have a choice of which coach you play for. Use RateMyCoaches to find the best coach for you.
One last note -- please do not abuse the power that this website gives you. Only leave useful ratings and comments. Rather than waste time ripping on a coach, you should try to help them and players behind you. Coaching isn't easy. Give them a break. In addition, if you leave a rating, explain why you left that rating.