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"I was coached by coach Tidwell when he was a college student coaching little league football. I went on to play high school football, was a member of a State Championship team and was an All- District player. The lessons Terry taught me then remain with me to this day. He was one of the two best football coaches I ever had. Thanks Terry!"
"Coach Cotter has been there for me since day one. His character on and off the field is so inspiring. He really does turn boys into young men with his coaching. "
"Coach Sfondrini was an incredible and dedicated coach. She did everything and anything for the girls she trained. Her 5 national titles shows her dedication and knowledge of the sport. We were lucky to have her as a coach as long as we did because she completely changed our towns cheerleading program. "
"5 national championships, born to coach cheer"
"Tremendous baseball mind. Average communicator, not much into team building. Incredibly competitive, wanted to win and made you work very hard. Anyone who disputes his knowledge of game or ability to make you better on and off field should look in mirror"